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Back from Denver - Short Work Week

Well, another square dance convention has come and gone. I've been enjoying the afterglow. Great Dancing...Wonderful Hotel...Nice City...

I sneaked a look at the under 35 specialty tip - 2 squares! Not enough in my opinion given that some 40+ dancers got their 10 year medallions! I was 28 or so when I went to my first order to get a specialty tip, I think they would have had to aim for the under 25 crowd. I think the medallion project has been a great success in keeping people coming back...not the deciding factor...but just one more thing to add to the ledger and I bet in some cases its been enough. Any body got any ideas on how to keep attracting the newbies? Spoke with another SF square dancer from one of the mainstream/plus clubs who spoke about how their board really had to spend time thinking about how to be welcoming to new dancers. It's probably something that all of us need to think about. I know I'm comfortable talking with the people I know and have known. ozdachs is much better at mingling than I am.

Thursday - I'm out of town for a family wedding. First of the next generation is getting married. ( it just me or is the whole post about getting older?)

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More than 4 months!

Besides not posting, I haven't even been reading live journal. The thought process went something like this...oh, I don't have time to comment on anything, I better not even read it. Most everyone I've told that to, seems to think it a pretty lame excuse.

Looking back, I did get a lot accomplished over the last 4 months...

Become Addicted to SudokuCollapse )

Implemented Document Management System for the OfficeCollapse )

Upgraded our Phone SystemCollapse )

Started 3BCollapse )

If any of you are interested in more details, let me know. Needless to say, this is all exciting stuff for me but very worthy of LJ cuts.
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Did you ever wonder?

I didn't think this would be my first post after a long hiatus...but,

Does anyone have a clue about what happened to "that Amos Boy, Seth?" We know Sis killed Andy and her sister-in-law and that they hung the brother for Andy's murder. But, did Sis let Seth get away?
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1961 family

Aunt Barbara

I maintain that I have a very small family. (True ozdachs will point out those second cousins that jumped out at him after I convinced him of my small family...but how often do we see them anyway?) I met my father's half brothers (3 of 'em) a few times but since the youngest one of those was 11 years older than my dad, (and my dad would have been 93 this year) we were not close to any of them. My mother had one brother and he lives across the bay in Pt. Richmond. In the last few years, we visit some what regularly and have gotten to be much closer.

He celebrated his 86th birthday about 10 days ago and I tried to call twice to wish him a happy birthday...he was out both times and I left messages. (At 86, he really is getting around really well...still very one would believe his age.) I didn't hear back from him, so on Friday night, thought I'd call to check in...after all, we really have gotten much closer over the years.

This time, he answered, said, I was gonna call you shortly. We chatted about how busy he had been. He talked about his recent driving trip to Canada (I didn't know about that,) kept mentioning the trip in terms of "We did this and We did that." My Uncle has been a widower since 2003 after about 60 years of marriage. But I know who "We" included, we met the other part of "We" about six months ago and found her very nice. She and her husband had been friends of my aunt and uncle for years and she'd been widowed for sometime. As I was thinking, I'm glad he's still seeing her...good for him to have company, my uncle say's "Did I tell you we got married?" "Congratulations!" and "When?" were my responses.

Turns out that I have had an "Aunt Barbara" since August 7. It's nice that my family has gotten closer over the years. I'll have to send a card.

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Blame this one on bearhound.

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LJ Picnic

It was a nice day in Dolores Park! Perfect day for a picnic. Enjoyed meeting/re-meeting/catching up with all of everyone. Thanksfuzzygruf for putting together the list. Now on to the Castro Street is just a whirl of activity!
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(no subject)

Welcome home double_ohsteven. Hope you start feeling better quickly. It's got to be good to be home. Look forward to hearing the lurid details when you are up to it.

And to fuzzygruf glad you've got him home...aren't you a trained professional? Up those dosages to whatever you both need!

And let us know if you need anything.